High Pressure Cleaning

These days many homeowners are rediscovering how well a simple liquid clean — water alone, without anything else. Indoors, water-only steam cleaners have become a new favorite tool to clean up crusted on dust and residue. Outdoors, high-pressure cleaning services used the cleaning power of high-pressure power washing which continues to be a favorite way to clean the exterior of the home.

In those scenarios, the water is sprayed out at an intense speed and focused intently on a more powerful force to dislodge and clear away debris and dirt. The spray is so powerful it can break items, so it is necessary to be careful high pressure cleaning serviceswhen using high-pressure cleaning tools on the outside of your home.

Safe Clean You Can Trust

Always be safe when dealing with water at high pressure. For one, do proper preparation beforehand to ensure you do not harm yourself with water that is going to be moving fast and powerfully at 3,000 pounds per square inch.

Use it for cleaning homes as well as commercial buildings. Consider it useful for clearing out gutters, washing down siding, roofing, walkways, decks, and sheds.

Not every type of pressure washing project is heavy duty. Always consider the strength you require when cleaning, because water can be very powerful. Try to use only the appropriate amount of pressure. Use 3,000 pounds per square inch when doing sidewalks, and heavily soiled cement. Use up to 2,000 pounds per square inch when cleaning the rest of the parts of the house. The other resource that you need available is the gallons per minute to achieve the pressure you need.

You may also need to use a cleaner, though be sure that it is appropriate and not harmful to the home. The exterior of the home needs to be fully closed up before beginning. Close windows, for instance. Next, be sure not to spray upward under siding, which would let water into the interior of the home.

Make sure that you move all furniture, toys, and any planters out away from the area you will be spraying. This will prevent some damage and harm to plants and nice furnishings. Rather than keep electrical boxes and machinery exposed, get heavy duty plastic, and tape it off. Do not direct spray onto covered electrical boxes or compressors. Do be sure that you cover them up so that errant water does not get into the machinery or electrical.

How To Clean

Practice a bit beforehand because the spray can be tough to handle at first. Be sure that you and anyone else who will help clean has goggles, latex gloves, and even good boots on when cleaning the home.

High-pressure cleaning comes with many different kinds of tips for various kinds of spray. Test them out on the sidewalk before using them on your home or other property. Know how powerful it is and get a handle on it before taking the equipment up onto a ladder either. This all will work toward giving your home the right clean without breaking anything.